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Violet Sweets

3 tablespoons coconut milk; 3 tablespoons honey with violets; 80 g cocoa butter; 20 raw cashew nuts.

Melt the cocoa butter. Mix the honey and the milk and add the mixture to the melted cocoa butter. Set one cashew in each mould and pour over the mixture. Cool them in the freezer for 40 minutes.
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violet & liquorice cloud drink
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Sprouted Almond Milk

1 cup organic almonds4 cup water (plus extra for soaking)1/2 tsp ground cardamom1/3 tsp ground pure vanillaa tiny pinch himalayan salt

Soak the almonds in pure water overnight or for at least 5 hours, rinse thoroughly and peel them. Add the almonds (peel goes in the compost) to a high speed blender along with the 4 cups of water. Blend for 30 seconds and strain through a nut milk bag or the like. Save the almond pulp for tarts, smoothies, pancakes etc. Add nutmilk back into the high speed blender along with the spices and blend. Done!
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Medicinal Hot Chocolate Mix

6 tbsp raw cacao powder 2 tbsp lucuma powder 2 tbsp carob powder 2 tsp maca powder 1 1/2 tsp cinnamon 1 tsp cardamom 1/2 tsp pure ground vanilla powder 1/4 tsp good quality salt like himalayan pink salt or celtic sea salt

For two steamy servings of hot chocolate 2 tbsp Medicinal Hot Chocolate Mix 2.5 cup milk of choice

Note: I think the result is sweet enough on it’s own but you can add some coconut sugar/honey/stevia concentrate or other if desired. Add milk and the 2 tbsp of dry mix to a saucepan, heat gently until lukewarm if you want to keep as much of the nutritional ka-pow as possible. Add sweetener of choice if you wish. Serve with an extra dust of cacao powder. Enjoy!
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Peach & Rosemary Blossom Lemonade
Tumblr Themes Calming Herb Blend


Adding the following herbs/flowers together will create a sweet-smelling, calming blend. Use it in sachets/bags along with either amazonite or sodalite to relieve anxiety:

  • lilac
  • chamomile¬†
  • rose
  • lavender

Use mostly rose and lilac if available.

(via grimoireandfaeries)

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I found this spread posted by Inana on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum and thought it was great for figuring out how a certain issue is affecting us and what we can do about it.
1. What is the Problem? Your first approach to the problem. How you perceive it.
2. How do you feel about the problem? How you are handling your feelings.
3. What is the real problem? The root of the problem and related issues.
4. What can help solve it? Can also represent positive outside influences.
5. What could make it worse? Can also represent negative outside influences.
6. What comes next? The next steps.
7. What is there to learn from all this?
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Covering All the Angles Spread, from tarotnotes-majorandminor.blogspot.com:
As both an astrologer and tarot reader, I enjoy combining the two arts. I created this spread based on the four angles in an astrological chart, which represent four key areas of life. The purpose of the spread is to discover what you need to focus on right now in each area or simply to explore the current and projected conditions in each area.The cards are placed on an imaginary zodiac wheel, with three cards placed on the First House (House of Self), three cards  on the Fourth House (House of Home and Family), three cards on the Seventh House (House of Relationships and Partnerships), and 3 cards on the Tenth House (House of Career).Note that the 12 positional numbers in the spread do not represent the 12 houses. This spread examines only issues related to Houses 1, 4, 7, and 10 — the houses on the angles of the zodiac wheel.
1. Self - what is working in my favor
2. Self - what is working against me 3. Self - forecast 4. Home and Family - what is working in my favor5. Home and Family - what is working against me 6. Home and Family - forecast7. Relationships and Partnerships - what is working in my favor8. Relationships and Partnerships - what is working against me9. Relationships and Partnerships - forecast 10. Career - what is working in my favor11. Career - what is working against me12. Career - forecast
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Spreads for the second giveaway winner, cosmicmeditations.
I’m very sorry, both to the winners and to my followers, that I’ve been so slow getting these spreads out! As an apology, I made both spreads I discussed with cosmicmeditations. Here is the first of them.
This one is called the Mountain Spread and to quote our winner,

I was thinking something like getting to know your higher self, or growing closer to nature/ the universe (in terms of how to bring yourself to that place and what you might need in your life to be ready for that.) I don’t know if that makes any sense outside of my head.

The card positions here correlate to that. The positions are as follows:
Where you are now - there’s no way to know where to go if you don’t know where you are. I envision this as a “base camp” so you can gather your belongings before working on your journey
What’s in your way - obstacles in your path. I envision this as the climb itself, all the boulders and rough cliff edges in between you and growth.
How to reach the peak - what to do towards spiritual growth.

Hope somebody can find it useful and the second spread is in the queue!
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The second of the spreads made for cosmicmeditations. This one is about loving yourself for who you are, as opposed to how to improve yourself.
The card positions are
Where I am now
Positive influences on my self-concept
Negative influences on my self-concept
Positive “internal” affirmation. This is meant to refer to positive things about yourself that are “internal” - your personality, your thoughts, how you see the world, how you treat others, and so on
Positive “external” affirmation. This is meant to refer to positive things about yourself that are “external” - your killer ass, the healthy food you eat, the fact that you are the fastest sprinter in your social circle, and so on
How to love yourself more

Once again, I really hope you all (or at least, some of you all) get really good use out of this.
Have a wonderful day!