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Many witches (and me) like to include herbs into their rituals, because they, as well as crystals and colors, have their specific energies that can strengthen the effect. So here’s a short list for money/ gain/ wish/ success magic.

Thyme can be used to protect your money.

Nutmeg brings good luck in games of chance.

Cloves attract money and friends.

Allspice is great for both: drawing money and business success.

Chamomile Flowers are widely considered to be a lucky herb.

Acacia attracts money.

Black berry attracts money and protection.

Cinnamon - money and love.

Use Cinquefoil to increase wealth (and love).

Fern - good luck.

Ginger and Jasmine - for money and love.

Honeysuckle - prosperity.

Mint brings money, healing and protection (my favourite!).

Moss draws money.

Orange - abundance.

Nutmeg,PatchouliPeppermintPine - money.

Sandalwood makes wishes come true.

Alfalfa - though brings success, use with other herbs to make it powerful enough.

I just can’t finnish this little list without emphasising the strength of the Mint. I use it not only in rituals but in random money related visualisations and I can tell that they are very powerful (for me at least). I used to get great results even when I was lacking any experience.

So yeah, hope you like it :)

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A little fairy spell bottle on a cord that I made. I have given them as gifts to friends, and they are also for sale here on my etsy
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Here’s a little spur-of-the-moment thing I did today. Contains clear quartz pieces, fresh peppermint and lavender, thyme, ground nutmeg and ginger and some salt for good measure. This is meant to be an energizing/purifying bottle - both to me and to the quartz inside, somewhat like an energy terrarium I can put to use when my batteries are running low, so to speak.
Tumblr Themes Money spell Bottle


5 old pennies
5 dimes
5 quarters
5 kernels corn dried
5 kernels of dried wheat (5 tsp flour)
5 sesame seeds
5 cinnamon sticks
5 cloves
5 whole allspice
5 pecans

Place all items into a tall bottle then close it tightly, shake the bottle with your projective hand for five minutes while chanting these words:

Herbs of silver
Copper and grain
Work to increase
My money gain

Keep the bottle in your home, then when ever your home lace your wallet next to it to bring money in to your life.

—via spell crafts
Cunningham & Harrington

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an attracting love spell bottle for my mother.

includes wormwood (for love), pink salt (protection from negativity but also i associate pink with new love), cinnamon (for love and success), a chili pepper (so the love will be spicy), a dried rose blossom (for love), decorated with a cupid charm and sealed with beeswax for sweetness.
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Phoenix’s final nail in the coffin spell
A simple spell for getting someone or something out of your life
You will need
• a bottle
• a nail for every thing you wish to banish from your life
• salt
• a sigil for banishment ( I chose ” abracadabra ” because it is a classic) 
• scrap paper to write your intents on ( mine were banishing my depression for good, and to end a group of boys pervasive and trepidating sexual harassment of myself) 
• any tools you regularly use to charge things ( I speak in tongues and use a red feather for a wand) 
• mood music ( Rise Like A Phoenix by Conchita Wurst and Get Out and Stay Out from the musical 9 to 5) 
• tape 
1. Cleanse yourself thoroughly, both physically and psychicly 
2. Create a sigil of banishment to place on the outside of your bottle, chant if you wish
3. Go to the sink or out in the rain and let the sigil be wetted
4. Sprinkle salt onto the side of the sigil that will be facing inward when you tape the sigil to the bottle
5. Say some sealing words, or freestyle a incantation 
6. fill the bottle with salt until the bottom is covered
7. Write your intents on the piece of scrap paper
8. Take the nails and wrap them with the paper, read your intents aloud when warping the nails
9. When you finish warping the nails say a sealing incantation as you tape the bundle shut
10 drop the bundle of nails into the bottle, chanting if you wish
11. Say a banishing and bonding incantation while you charge the bottle, turning it into a psychic/ astral bug zapper 
12. keep steeled for six weeks
13. Dispose of how you wish ( beware of rusty nails, I don’t want anybody to contract tetanus on my watch)
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Personally, I have never blessed a weapon, so if any of my followers have better advice than the following blessing spells and rituals I’ve found below, please feel free to share your wealth of knowledge.
And please keep in mind that intent is arguably the most powerful part of a blessing or charm or spell.
here is a spell involving runes specifically for blessing weapons, “derived from the lore of Brynhild the Valkyrie from the Icelandic saga, the Volsung Saga”
here is a simple spoken blessing specifically for blessing weapons
here is an all-purpose blessing spell involving elder leaves and berries that can be applicable to both things and people
here is a more detailed all-purpose blessing for items that, according to the writer, is to be followed exactly to the letter, so I would exercise caution with it
Tumblr Themes Tea to enhance dreaming


3 pt lemon balm
3 pt Passion flower
3 pt gotu kola
2 pt ginkgo biloba
1 pt valerian
1 pt clary sage

Drink this before retiring the evening after it’s brewed. Place a spring of mugwort beneath your pillow.
—Linda Patterson

(via the-darkest-of-lights)

Tumblr Themes Anti hex bath


4 pt rosemary
3 pt juniper
2 pt bay
1 pt mugwort*

Soak in this mixture at night to purify you of all ills.

-Scott Cunningham

(via the-darkest-of-lights)

Tumblr Themes Peace and Protection Spell Bottle



  • a handful of jasmine
  • a handful of lavender
  • a pinch of rosemary
  • 1 bay leaf
  • 1 tablespoon of sea salt
  • 1 teaspoon of honey
  • one white rose petal for each person in the home
  • a glass bottle or jar with lid
  • a candle of any color (I use blue or white)

Add each ingredient while visualizing your home filled with quiet, calm and love. Once you’ve added everything, cap the bottle and give it a good shake. As you do so, visualize protective and calming energies permeating the ingredients. Seal the bottle with wax and place it in the center of your home.