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Almonds contain a natural pain-killing agent called salicin.
Salicin is an anti-inflammatory agent that is produced from the Willow bark. This agent is also contained in over the counter pain killers like aspirin.
In addition, almonds contain high level of magnesium, and this helps to relax muscles and minimize nerve excitability and therefore it also helps to reduce headaches due to stress and anxiety.
Almonds can be eaten in any way, raw or they can be soaked overnight, They can be added to meals or in-between meals. Eat a handful of almonds between meals, approximately 10-12 almonds should be eaten daily for relieving and preventing headaches.
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Witches Green Salt:-
Green Salt can be used in Spells for Abundance, Prosperity, Money and Luck. Used with Black Salt, it can help bring good luck faster. It can be Carried as part of a good luck Sachet when looking for a job depending on what herbs you use to make the green salt.
Use on Gardening tools to help Bless them for a good season. (Do not Use on plants)
How to make In a Mortar and Pestle, blend Sea Salt  with dried green flowers or herbs such as mint, dill or basil.  If you add green food coloring allow it to dry first before braking up the clumps and   blending or grinding the ingredients together, remembering to place your intent and energies of into it.
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Picked up these lil guys at the gem fair yesterday ~
Tumblr Themes Good Luck Spell


You’ll need a green tealight candle and fast luck oil.

Add a dab of oil onto the candle and light it.


"Good luck I need,

Good luck I pray

Good luck I wish to send my way”

focus on the flame and imagine yourself surrounded by luck.

when done, blow out the candle, take the wax when it’s dry and put it in a small baggie, then, place it where you’ll be near it every morning, such as under your pillow.

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Smoky Quartz; Zinggenstocke, Bern, Switzerland
Tumblr Themes To end negativity & give hope incense


1 thyme
1/2 rue
1 1/2 water
1/2 woodruff
1/2 cloves

Mix thoroughly then form into cones Then let dry for a week, then burn.

—Steven R. Smith
WylundTs book of incense

Tumblr Themes Awake and alive oil


•1 pt rosemary
•1 pt mint
•1 pt orange
•1/2 pt lemon
•1/2 pt thyme

Magical powers: Happiness, health, protection, energy

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How To: Mint Infused Ice Cubes
Tumblr Themes Self-Confidence Spell


If you need to find your inner strength or boost your confidence, this spell can help you out.

What You’ll Need:

  • A clear quartz crystal
  • A rose quartz
  • 3 acorns
  • 3 white candles


Set the clear and rose quartz before you, side by side. Place the acorn with them. Place the three white candles in a half moon shape around them, leaving the open side toward you. Focus on your intent. See your intended outcome of embracing your inner power, your confidence rising. Light the white candles, as you do say, “By the brightest of days and the darkest of nights, let my inner power rise by this light.”

Focus on the light reflected in the stones, visualize that light growing larger and brighter into a warm white light. Touch your fingertips to the stone and acorn, feel the warmth there, feel the tree inside the acorn. The acorn is small, but it holds the strength of a forest. Feel the forest inside yourself, know the strength and the potential that you hold inside yourself.

As you touch your fingertips to the stones and acorn, visualize the white light running up your hand and your arm, filling your soul, high lighting the strength within. Three times, chant, ”By the brightest of days and the darkest of nights, let my inner power rise by this light.”

You can continue to chant this as long as you like, in times of stress or anxiety you can also use this chant to help you out. 

(via natural-magics)

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