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How to Brew Fresh Herbal Tea in your Coffee Maker
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red clover lemonade recipe
Tumblr Themes tea for mild menstrual cramps


To relieve mild menstrual cramps, drink tea made from ginger and chamomile. Ginger eases cramping, and chamomile promotes relaxation.

1c (250ml) water
1tsp freshly chopped ginger root
1tsp dried chamomile

Simmer the ginger root in the water in a covered pot for five minutes. Remove from heat and add the chamomile. Cover, and let the tea steep for 10 minutes. Strain, sweeten with honey if you desire, and drink up to three cups each day. (x)

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Lavender Mint Tea
1 teaspoon fresh lavender flowers or 1/2 teaspoon dried lavender flowers1 
1/2 to 2 tablespoons fresh mint leaves or 2 teaspoons dried mint1 cup boiling water
In a teapot, combine the lavender flowers and mint. Pour boiling water over the mixture; steep 5 minutes.Yield: 1 cup.
Variation: For more interesting blends, add rosemary, lemon balm or lemon verbena, and rose geranium.
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How to make Lavender Tea
Lavender is a very special herbal tisane which is prized for its soothing and calming effects
Lavender flowers help relieve stress, fatigue, headaches and insomnia.
Drinking a cup of Lavender tea before going to bed is known to promote restful sleep.
Lavender is also a digestive aid.
Tumblr Themes My favorite Lavender Tea


~1 cup of milk or milk alternative (almond works well) 
~1 tsp honey 
~1/4 tsp vanilla extract
~1/2 cup strongly brewed lavender tea (dried lavender buds)
~Cinnamon or more lavender for garnish *optional*

Warm the milk on the stove stirring frequently so it doesn’t scorch.
Pour the lavender tea, honey, and vanilla extract into the milk and stir.
Serve in your favorite tea cup and garnish with cinnamon or lavender. 

(Source: wethetrees)

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So I tried the Lavender Faery Wine for Imbolc as I said I would and it tasted amazing! I put some cinnamon on it. 
It reminded me of a Turkish drink called Sahlep, made with orchid essence and milk. This is just way easier to make ;)
* you can find the link to the recipe from the source ;) * 
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lavender & honey cookie recipe
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Epsom salts100% pure lavender essential oil (not fragrance)dried lavendermason jars

Fill each mason jar about halfway full of the Epsom salts. Add just 10-15 drops of essential oil, replace lid, and shake. Remove the lid again, add 1 tablespoon of dried lavender flowers, replace lid and shake (again). Add more Epsom salts to full the jar then (you guessed it) replace the lid and shake shake shake. [x]
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thai basil & lavender limeade